Summer Season is now over.

The summer season is over around the Chicago-land area and we are all getting prepped for the coolness that fall weather brings.  We all know that fall is the best time to be a rider.  So with the fall season coming on strong, manufacturers are pumping out the 2011 models.  Giant and Specialized are already producing most of their popular models in 2011 spec, with the rest of their range to follow in the coming month or two.  For BMX bikes we just got word that the 2011 Fit’s are ready for us to pick up and should have them in the shop anyday now.  The 2011 Sunday completes are also due out sometime around November so keep an eye out for them…..because the 2010′s we got went quicker than anything else we’ve had in stock this year.  Come in and check out our sale table, maybe you can score some sick deals on a couple new accessories or parts to help your riding out.  Go check out the gallery section to see some of the photos of some of our employees and friends from the last  2 months of summer. Also everyone should get registered for the Plainfild Dirt Jam on Oct. 2nd. Check out the Cambr site for more info.

Dew Tour 2010 came and went with the rain.

Dew Tour for Chicago is officially over. Last weekend was a blast and tons of people showed up to watch the pro’s kill it on park, dirt and vert.  We thank everyone that stopped by our little booth while walking around the contest….we appreciate any support we can get and we love to help everyone out.  I don’t know what to say about Dew Tour that already hasn’t been posted on any other BMX site….it was one hell of a contest and it was definitely entertaining. There’s a gallery up with our view of Dew Tour as well as some insane stuff that went down or caught our attention. Thanks.

Dew Tour Demo’s are now posted!!!!

The shop did demo’s to help promote for the Dew Tour.  Demo’s were done at Navy Pier Health and Fitness expo, The Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field, and B96 summer bash at Toyota Park. There was a lot of action and lots awesome spectators to cheer on our riders. Everything went pretty smoothly for all the demo’s amidst pure chaos before and during. Check out the Galley for the shots……there’s a lot of photos so take u’r time flipping through em. Thanks.

Red Bull knows how to throw a dirt comp.

So the Red Bull Stomping Ground Dirt comp went down over the weekend. Tons of pro’s from all of the world were in town, and destroyed the course.  The only downfall was that the weather didn’t hold out quite as expected. The event coordinators still made due with what they had and a pretty sick event actually went down.  The jumps were AMAZING!!!!….hopefully the city will keep em around a bit. Check out the gallery for pics from finals. Also check back soon for a huge digital dump of photos from the last 3 Dew Tour Demo’s that were held at The sox game, Navy Pier, and B96 Summer Bash…..THEY COMIN’!

Some little sessions have been happening.

There’s been a good amount of riding sessions goin on lately. Here’s some photos from some of those sessions as well as a short video that was filmed during a day at the Michigan City skatepark in Indiana. Enjoy.

Click here for the vid.

Click here to go to some photos.

Flybikes Demo went off without a hitch.

So the demo yesterday was a success. Check out the gallery for all the action. Everyone survived the heat. Much thanks to Kevin Porter, Stefan Lantschner, Kevin Kalkoff, and Dylan Smith from the Fly team for coming by and hanging out and entertaining everyone a bit.  It was a chill day and a good amount of people stopped by and had some food and drinks and watched some good riding. Thanks to the local shredders that came by as well to ride along with the Fly team and just have a good ole’ time.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the day and had a blast…..sorry about the heat…..that’s not in our hands…..atleast it didn’t rain though. For those that missed out on this demo, next weekend June 5th at the White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field some of the Fly team will still be in town and will be helping us out there to promote for Dew Tour which comes through Chicago in July. Thanks again.

Meet the FlyBikes Team

Come out to the shop and join us!

Riding, Riding, Riding

So sorry for our web based hiatus, but we’re back.  The Weather is nice, riding season is here, and the shop is as busy as possible.  Repair season is on, so come in and get tuned up and dialed in so you can ride a little more smoothly. We stocked up on some FBM completes for BMX and Giant, Specialized, and Electra are still turning heads on the MTB and Cruiser front.  The Dew Tour is coming soon and the demo’s are gonna start up starting June 5th at U.S. Cellular Field at the Chicago White Sox game. It shall be a great time; last year’s demo at the “Cell” was probably one of the best. The Red Bull Stomping Grounds event was moved back a month and the location also changed.  It will be held at Elston and Augusta on June 12th…..everyone should go check this out. I believe CambrWest will be in attendence with some of your favorite Cycles N Sports employees possibly making an appearance, so hopefully we’ll see ya there.  Check out our facebook page for exclusive deals and little updates on us, and become a fan of your favorite bike shop while u’r at it. Check out some photos in the gallery from some recent riding excursions as well, and as always stop in and say hi to us…..or the dogs, because we all know u wanna see the dogs.

Winter Blues.

Well I don’t know about you guys, but i’m getting sick of the winter weather.  Atleast it’s already mid-January, so we’re slowly approaching spring.  There were a lot of indoor sessions that went down over winter break.  Lots of locals hit up Krush, Circus, and 4 Seasons on a regular basis to stay sharp on their ramp skills.  There is a Circus Contest goin down today, so hopefully lots of kids showed up……Circus is the only local park around that is geared towards BMX, so it’s good to show some support.   There’s a couple photos in the gallery from a few sessions, for the most part a lot of the parks have been overly crowded with kids being on winter break……making taking photos practically impossible.  I got a few snaps in though!!!! A 4 seasons trip may be goin on tonight with a few of us.  It’s a hour and a half drive to Milwaukee, but that park is amazing and worth the wasted gas.  I urge a lot of people to check it out if you can.  I believe they are having a demo there on the 23rd or so with Brian Kachinsky, Gary Young, Chris Doyle, Jeff K., and other pro’s. That will definitely be a show to see. Watching Gary Young and Chris Doyle ride in person is something that everyone needs to do. So get out there and start cranking out some new tricks and new lines at the local indoor parks and stop in the shop and give us a holler………..oh yeah and everyone needs to buy Props MegaTour 9, soooooooo much Chicago coverage.  They go all over Chicago-land and tear up all the spots a lot of us have seen a million times….it’s a good watch, and maybe you can spot some of us in the background as we led the Tree Bikes team around my school campus at UIC and a couple other spots……watch it…..or come into the shop and buy one……and hang out and watch ours…..thanks.

P.S………..become a fan of Cycles N Sports on facebook……….support your favorite local shop!!!!!!… some love.

Holiday/Winter Season……It’s Too Cold Outside!!!!

So Winter is officially here.  When the Weather is in the single digits, I think it’s safe to say that old man winter has won out.  So it’s time for the BMXers to move their sessions indoors (or warmer climates), while the MTBers get to still ride outside (sans studded tires) if they can brave the temperature.  There’s been some sessions going down at Circus Skatepark as well as Krush Skatepark; there’s also been talks of putting together our next Ray’s Mtb trip in the upcoming weeks.  The shops been getting stocked up on parts for the holidays.  Today we got an order of Shadow Conspiracy stuff as well as some new DK parts.  The new DK plastic pedals came in and they are probably one of the nicest/simplest PC designs i’ve seen and weigh in at around 11 ounces…..sooooo light.  We also got an order of the Flybikes Cobra Tubes…..which would be amazing buy for anyone that is lazy, since you would never have to take off your wheel to change a flat…..and it would also make a great emergency tube.  A Fit order just got placed as well, with some monster truck F.A.F.’s at 20 x 2.30 coming in and some bars and stem and other odds and ends.  Some of the shop employees built up some new bikes and frames or just got new paint schemes.  Check out the gallery to scope em out.  Other than that hope to see everyone out riding or stopping in to say hi at the shop.

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