Winter Blues.

Well I don’t know about you guys, but i’m getting sick of the winter weather.  Atleast it’s already mid-January, so we’re slowly approaching spring.  There were a lot of indoor sessions that went down over winter break.  Lots of locals hit up Krush, Circus, and 4 Seasons on a regular basis to stay sharp on their ramp skills.  There is a Circus Contest goin down today, so hopefully lots of kids showed up……Circus is the only local park around that is geared towards BMX, so it’s good to show some support.   There’s a couple photos in the gallery from a few sessions, for the most part a lot of the parks have been overly crowded with kids being on winter break……making taking photos practically impossible.  I got a few snaps in though!!!! A 4 seasons trip may be goin on tonight with a few of us.  It’s a hour and a half drive to Milwaukee, but that park is amazing and worth the wasted gas.  I urge a lot of people to check it out if you can.  I believe they are having a demo there on the 23rd or so with Brian Kachinsky, Gary Young, Chris Doyle, Jeff K., and other pro’s. That will definitely be a show to see. Watching Gary Young and Chris Doyle ride in person is something that everyone needs to do. So get out there and start cranking out some new tricks and new lines at the local indoor parks and stop in the shop and give us a holler………..oh yeah and everyone needs to buy Props MegaTour 9, soooooooo much Chicago coverage.  They go all over Chicago-land and tear up all the spots a lot of us have seen a million times….it’s a good watch, and maybe you can spot some of us in the background as we led the Tree Bikes team around my school campus at UIC and a couple other spots……watch it…..or come into the shop and buy one……and hang out and watch ours…..thanks.

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